what I do

Shooting with Luisa RanieriThe wide matured experience in over ten years of career lets me to accept with serenity in editorial and corporates fields both some different types of assignments, I carry through with them always in a professional way.

Realizing a reportage for one of the magazines, with whom I work since several years, it makes me to being overwhelmed by the passion for discovery without loosing myself and forgetting the full vision of the event.

Working like still photographer is like to moving in a fascination, always tiptoed like in an holy place to catching the all shades and expressions who compose the action.

For corporates works I have the same eye for detail and sense of light and colour absorbed during reportages and on the movie sets, both it means to shooting a commercial brand product and to supporting a convention with candy and telling pictures.

Atlas MountainAll these peculiarities get their best result in designer wedding albums that are not only fashionable, but provide an exquisite way to preserve the memories of one of the best day in someone’s life. So a day, who would have to be glamorous for who lives in firsthand indulge himself and let me capture the memories and treat him the way he deserves.

69 ieme Grand Prix de Formule 1 de Monaco